Floating Pleasure Islands

The Floating Pleasure Islands are artificial islands built on concrete pontoons. The islands are a place for relaxing, swimming, scuba diving and enjoying the sun and getting together with your friends and family. Come to the Pleasure Islands by your boat or yacht to spend the day or even spend the night on your yacht.

The islands are anchored to the sea bed with Seaflex rubber cable anchors. They rise along with the water level. The floating islands do not interfere with the water currents and the impact to the delicate sea bed is minimal. The floating heavy-duty eps-filled concrete platform is durable and makes the structure very stable.

The islands are landscaped with artificial beaches, hills and growing soil for palms and groundcover plants. The terrace areas are covered with composite wood that also forms the benches around the planting areas. The terrace areas have sun canopies made of white fabric. Under these canopies you can have lunch or dinner protected from the sun. All islands have a mooring place for six tenders or small boats.

Floatinfg Pleasure Islands Brochure (PDF 1,7MB)