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Marina Housing is a subsidiary of the internationally well-known and prestigious port builder Marinetek Group. Marina Housing focuses on sales and marketing of various floating solutions. Constructing on top of the water opens up new, sustainable business opportunities that do not harm the environment: floating swimming pools, restaurants, offices and housing solutions – various combinations for business, leisure and housing.

Marina Housing operates globally with the network of Marinetek Group and cooperates with Bluet Oy Ltd, a Finnish company, which specializes on floating construction design and implementation. Check out our references and contact us.

Kelluvat erikoisratkaisut


Floating special solutions are diverse housing and business solutions, which complete the services offered to local habitants and visitors in waterfront areas. 
The solutions can be hotels and homes, offices, swimming arenas, restaurants, maintenance and service buildings as well as combinations of these.

Floating special solutions are scalable, but also individually designed to fulfill the customer and local needs. If you are interested in developing your own floating solution project, or would like to have more information, please contact us.

Explore what we can offer and get to know our partners:


Marina Housing works closely with Marinetek Group and its subsidiaries and distributors worldwide. Marinetek has delivered more than 2000 ports to 48 countries during its’ existence from 1994 – from the Arctic Circle to the Arabian Gulf and Grenada in the Caribbean Islands - being one of the world's leading marina developer. Today, Marinetek is Europe's largest port builder. The Marinetek brand represents high quality in their products and services. Marinetek partnership ensures high-quality technical expertise in the special floating solutions implementation.

Along with Marinetek, our second main partner is Bluet Oy Ltd a Finnish company specializing in floating construction. Combining traditional construction, technological solutions from various industries, diverse residential and business solutions implemented into the floating technology, this is Bluet Ltd's special know-how. Bluet offers all-encompassing services in consulting, concept design, planning and delivery of the floating solutions and floating construction projects.



Marina Housing operates globally with the best developers, designers and suppliers. Please contact our representatives for more information:

Marinetek Finland Oy
p. +358 30 6363 800
Bluet Oy Ltd
p. +358 30 6363 800
Tytti Sirola
Managing Director

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